The Winklevoss twins are back with bitcoin seeking to create ‘regulated’ exchange

The Winklevoss twins, who clashed with Mark Zuckerberg over
Facebook, are seeking approval for a Bitcoin exchange overseen
by US regulators. The pair plan to have the exchange, called Gemini,
trading later this year, reports the New York Times. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are known to have invested millions in the virtual currency. Currently the value of each bitcoin is approaching $200 (£133) far below the $1,200-high it hit in November 2013.


Development work on software underpinning the exchange is
being carried out at the Bitcoin start-up founded by the Winklevoss
twins. In addition, they have been lobbying New York financial regulators to drum up support for the idea and have signed up
banks to handle deposits and transfers.

Work on the exchange began after New York’s financial services
watchdog last year encouraged virtual currency entrepreneurs
operating in the state to apply for formal recognition. This, said the
watchdog, was the first step towards full regulation of such Continue reading


How to log back to Windows 7 and 8

This may take time, depends on how fast your computer is. First thing to do is to shutdown or restart the computer. When coming up, force close by pressing the power button. On the next screen, choose lunch start repair. On the next screen, say no or press the cancel button for system restore. The next screen shows repair, leave it until the next screen pop up. The part which shows view problem details, open it and scroll down to the bottom and select text file which opens in notepad. Click on file option and go to computer. Click on local disk or C drive. Click on it and go to windows folder. Note, for the files all type, choose all files, scroll down and go to system32 folder. Look for sethc an application. And rename say sethc1. Also look for cmd an application, copy and place it in the same folder and rename it sethc and exit. On the next screen, click on don’t send report, and click finish. Your computer would power off. Power it back on. When the log in screen shows, you should press shift key five times (5x), cmd prompt up. Type in net user, and choose the account u need to change and put asterisk. Example net user admin * and press enter .It would prompt you for a new password. You can type new password or leave it, type exit. When done you would have access to your forgotten password