Boko Haram Is Winning The War

Boko haram ( western education is forbidden). Officially called Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati Wal-Jihad. You may want to know now that it has spread to the northern part of Africa to be precise Algeria. Their plan is to take over the north and finally move to the southern part of Africa. It all started in Nigeria and the slow government of Nigeria sat back and even use it as a political debate. Now some high rank politicians are seeing it as a big treat to the nation. And seeking of assistant from other countries who have much issues to tackle. No wonder the British govt said it is Nigerian issue to deal with it.

Now look at this, when this insurgent know as boko haram started they were few in numbers and the Nigerian govt did not take it seriously. And their president and some few politicians and the then retired army officers said they knew the people backing them and today their names were not mentioned. The president of Nigeria is busy planning for a third term when their was a suicide bomb that exploded hours ago  and the abducted children has not be found. Has the time of writhing they have abducted some and gone to a prison in a state in Nigeria to free their members. Their is more to this story and would been folded soon. Nigerian govt has failed his people and it’s time for the people to stand up and ask for their right cos they put some of these politicians(most of them cheated or as they say it rig it to power) in power. They should stand out and push these politician to their seat. Boko haram is winning and may take over the country soon. They have members now planning to win elections into the senate, house of reps, state govern. Think about the future when this happens.

NOTE: At the the time of writing 2017, there is a great improvement, from the federal government.


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